Spring is in the air, which means its time to spring clean your closet! Look out for the latest fashion trends because just as the seasons shift, so does your wardrobe. I’m here to take you through this season’s top trends of crop tops, graphic and floral patterns, fringe and embellished details, and peek-a-boo sheer. […]

Sadly, I am not referring to Tommy Tucker’s hit single, “Hi-Heel Sneakers” from the 1960’s, but rather the wedge sneaker epidemic that is setting the world ablaze like a four-alarm fire. From Steve Madden to Sketchers, some of the world’s most popular shoe brands have been brainwashed into creating their own style of the wedge […]

(The hidden truth behind the science and theory of a hipster fashion’s sense)    After googling the term “hipster” three images appear automatically: a girl staring outside of a foggy window, cats lounging in sunglasses, and the stereotypical high waisted shorts-crop-top combo. So what is a real hipster anyways? I’ve traveled to the hipster homeland […]

!!!!! Oops it’s been a little while since I’ve been on here hehe. Guess I’ve been getting a little too comfortable at home once again (: (‘cept I’m missing all my friends from school BOO). Thanksgiving is almost here but sadly it is kinda the forgotten holiday because Christmas totally takes over. But in my opinion we […]

Greetings! Again a big thank-you to those who are reading this, this has been really fun hehe. Finals are next week and soon I’ll be home again (which of course I’m super excited but also sad to be leaving my new friends for a whole six weeks!-#quartersystemproblems). This also means that this roller coaster of […]

My first post was a success! WOOHOO ! A big thanks to those who read it, shared it, glanced at it, whatever! Sadly, I don’t have much to write about because I am drowning myself in homework/projects/exams etc. for the next 15 days of fall quarter (where the heck did October go?) but I had […]

I’ve had this blog for maybe about a week now…but I figured it finally deserves its first post! WOOHOO! Not sure why it took me so long but I was busy pondering the perfect thing to write about (funny because you’ll soon learn I am not a perfectionist). Now, here I am sitting in class because this is […]