I’m not sure how you found this blog, but I am sure happy you did! And I hope you are too (:

You can probably already tell by the title that I do indeed love the hit television show, New Girl. No, sadly I am not Zooey Deschanel but I think she’s great! I am Jess, Jessie, Jessica whatever you wish to call me. It’s currently 2013 and blogging has become a big hit so I thought I could try it out! I’ve always been a reader and a writer, never a math or science kind-of-girl.

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado but I am currently a freshman at the University of Denver. I hope to graduate in the next four years and head on out to the big apple-it’s always been a dream of mine! In fact, I used to be so set on going to NYU for my college experience but Colorado is just too great to leave yet (also my family is still near by-free laundry, food, and love! hehe). I’m working on majoring in Marketing but I have lots of ideas of careers I would like to have in the near and distant future. For now I am enjoying being a student and loving college life-even if it’s kinda hard to adjust to. Go Pios!

If you wish to learn more, keep following my blog!

*HUGS* jess


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