Commodity Goods [mmMagnolia]

Recently, I came across a popular beauty blog by the name of “Cult of Pretty” whose tag line is: ‘the best products you’ve never heard of’. After reading through a couple posts on the blog, I was indeed intrigued by the products that they wrote about because they are very different from your average beauty products. After winning a contest on the blog, I received ten perfume and ten cologne samples from Commodity Goods, a newly founded fragrance brand. Each sample had a peculiar name that actually was fitting towards each scent. Here are my thoughts on the samples that I received:

RAIN: This one has sort of a bitter scent. Almost as if it is citrusy and has a strong lemon scent. Probably not something I would normally wear

DEW: This one reminds me of fresh laundry almost. When you pull out a shirt from the dryer and put it on right away and you can still smell it! I would describe this to have a very “clean & fresh” scent. I enjoyed this one!

PINOT: Oh, I did not like this one very much. I think it’s because it has a somewhat “older” scent…Reminded me of something my aunts or older relatives would wear. It even reminds me of times when relatives hug me and you can smell the perfume on their neck. Not my favorite

IVY: This one definitely smells like Ivy! But very very sweet. Reminds me of the scent of tea I make if I am feeling a little under the weather. I like this one a lot!

MOSS: Again not one of my favorites, because this one was very bitter. Similar to pinot but a more tangy scent. Kind of like a tangy scent. I would say it’s a mix of rain and pinot.

TEA: It actually smells like tea….! But more like green tea. It is light and fresh and soothing, similar to a light orchid/chestnutty scent.

PAPER: Again, not one of my favorite! At first, it doesn’t really smell like anything and then it hits you. It reminded me of hand sanitizer/Clorox wipes (a.k.a a very strong alcoholic scent). I’d have to say this was my least favorite out of all the samples.

MAGNOLIA: I really enjoyed this one! It was fresh and florally which is something I usually prefer in my perfumes that I wear. I would 100% wear this one in a heartbeat! Reminds me of spring in Colorado!

MIMOSA: I liked this one as well but not as a perfume. The scent was nice but it would overwhelm me while wearing it all day. It starts out as a sweet scent but transforms into a tart scent in the end. A very different smell and I like how it turned from one to the other but again I don’t think I could wear it as a perfume constantly.

A photo I took after receiving my perfume samples from Commodity Goods and Cult of Pretty.

My perfume samples from Commodity Goods and Cult of Pretty ! 🙂

Now for the colognes! I gave my boyfriend (Alex) the samples and we smelt them together! Here were our thoughts:

WOOL: We enjoyed this one! Smelt similar to generic cologne. Sweet and refreshing!

GIN: VERY bitter. Not a favorite. Even burns your nostrils a bit! Could even be described as similar to gin as it burns down your throat!

PAPER: Very similar to the perfume “Paper” for women. Starts out as a nothing scent and then becomes sweet. I enjoyed this one more than the perfume “Paper” because it wasn’t as bitter in the end and this one has a more masculine scent to it.

BOOK: Doesn’t smell like a cologne…it smells almost like a very old library book or as Alex said, a museum. Could be a sexy scent if you enjoy vintage old works of literature!

CANE: Mmmm this one was good! It smells like a mix of a cologne and perfume because it has the mixture of the woody cologne scent with a sweet perfume scent added in! Very nice

GOLD: Not very much like a cologne scent. It actually reminded us of a bakery scent! Sweet like cake and frosting…almost as if it was mixed with sugar. Undecided feelings only because it is not a typical cologne scent.

OAK: Actually smells like a tree. Could be a good scent for a man who loves the outdoors but even Alex enjoyed the outdoors and found it to be a little over bearing. Great scent but not something he could wear all day all the time.

CLOTH: This one was our favorite by far. It smells like a man! Even my friends commented on Alex’s scent because they were intrigued by it! Something he would definitely wear all the time, and something I would enjoy smelling on him! Love this one.

MOSS: Very distinct cologne scent. Compared to cloth, this one is very over powering. Very strong. We enjoyed the scent but again it was not one he could wear every day. It’s borderline of sweet and woodsy.

Just received my 100ml of Magnolia from Commodity Goods! Thanks for helping me smell SO yummy !

Just received my 100ml of Magnolia from Commodity Goods! Thanks for helping me smell SO yummy !




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